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Our featured event is our Mobile Film School (non-accredited) which is scheduling workshops in San Diego to learn how to make movies and videos with mobile phones like a pro!

We begin with an ongoing workshop: Mobile Filmmaking 101 and will continue with other more sophisticated workshops which will teach different elements of mobile filmmaking like sound capturing, lighting, interviewing for documentaries, mobile reporting, mobile journalism, genre mobile filmmaking and more!

The best way to stay connected is to come to the Mobile Filmmaking 101 workshop and connect with the mobile film community locally and internationally. Mobile filmmaking is emerging as a new way to share stories around the world through filmmaking and a way to get a foot in the door of the film industry.


Learn to make movies and videos using your mobile phone!

Mobile Filmmaking 101 Workshop in San Diego

#MobileFilm101 #MobileFilmSD

October 21, 2015 we teach you how to get started and will inspire you to start making your film. If you don’t know what type of film or video you want to make you will have ideas and walk away with something in mind.

Details on the website: www.SanDiegoMobileFilmSchool.com

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