Spring into Action: Mobile Film 101

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Spring is getting closer, and closer. Are you ready to say, “Action!” now?  Let’s get ready with a mobile filmmaking workshop! Get ready to shoot films and videos with your smartphone like a pro!


Saturday, February 27, 2016 from 12pm to 3pm at 7317 El Cajon Blvd. La Mesa, CA 91942.

Register at Mobile Film School (unaccredited): Spring into Action Workshop


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San Diego’s MFF2015 and the Red Carpet

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It was very inspiring to watch the attending filmmakers who came to San Diego for the fourth annual International Mobil Film Festival™ in San Diego, which took place at Grossmont College. The filmmakers shot their films using mobile phones which any smartphone user knows looks like a small widescreen TV set. To watch the filmmakers see their films on the big screen during a cinema showcase was truly inspirational.

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San Diego Going Mobile

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FilmFestLogoSQUARE061311white When it comes to making films there is a new opportunity enabling filmmakers from all over the world in getting their foot into the door of the filmmaking industry by shooting their films with their mobile phones, particularly smartphones. The International Mobil Film Festival™ in San Diego takes place April 26 & 27, 2014. You can get your tickets here. There is still time to enter MFF2014. The deadline to enter your film is February 1st. All films must be shot with mobile phones, any brand or make. Anyone of any age can submit a film. Films must be between one and five minutes long, and other rules also apply. However, there are no limits as you can be creative. Read the rest of the rules. IMG_7925 Watch the video above to see what it’s all about.

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Realizing Dreams with iPhones

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SBP MEDIA INTERVIEW lskdgh95sdo5u Marina Gómez  (c) 2013 S. Botello Productions, LLC Image.1 20130821101546-cementerio

The dreamers who come together to realize their dream through the iPhone tell you a story about creating a film from an adaptation of a classic tale written by Marina Gomez and directed by multi-award-winning iPhone filmmaker Conrad Mess. Read how the two came to produce a mobile film together that will mesmerize you. Watch the video showing the breakdown of the process they used to create a virtual location. All of it was shot with an iPhone 5 and all of it will amaze you with it’s quality and creativity.

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Pop Up Mobile Film/Video Event in San Diego

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S. Botello Productions, LLC.™ held an event in San Diego to honor the progress of mobile filmmaking and inspire San Diego. It was so much fun that we thought we’d share the article about it with you.

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Submissions for Mobil Film Festival

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Are you ready to enter or submit your film to the International Mobil Film Festival? All films must be shot with only mobile phones to qualify. Any brand or make of mobile phone includes cell and smart phones. Free entry. All ages qualify!

Check out the details on our website.

You can email or call for questions: info@mobilfilmfestival.com or U.S. Toll Free (866) 570-0181

“The red carpet is in your pocket!”